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Hantek Releases the First iPad WIFI Oscilloscope

     Hantek releases the first iPad WIFI oscilloscope - iDSO1070 Series in China officially on May 30th, 2016. It can support multi-touch operation, WIFI connection(or USB connection), WIFI Direct connection/via router, build-in lithium battery which can last over 4 hours no need of external power, floating measurement which is safe and convenient. It can connect iPad and Phone at the same time. When operating on iPad, it can also be observed on iPhone. Good mechanical design with small size which is convenient for traveling.

        The outer case is made by the same material with iPad - Anodised aluminium. It has great heat resistance and abrasive resistance with beautiful appearance. The hardness of aluminium alloy surface is greatly improved. 

      In order to meet the requirements of most customers, this model do not only support IOS system, but also AndroidWin10Win8Win7VISTAWindows NT and other operating systems.

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