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Qingdao Hantek Releases the New USB Pen Storage Oscilloscope

    Qingdao Hantek releases the new USB pen storage oscilloscope-PSO2020 Series product. As one of the most important test and measurement equipment manufacturer in the world, Hantek has always pursued to improve the product range, simplify the operation of equipment, and improve the user’s operation experience. This new USB pen storage oscilloscope has deeply perfected the product rang of Hantek. The more important is that it has solving the problem of inconvenient operation between PC and the traditional USB oscilloscope hardware. It finally achieves to operate with the single hand.

The appearance of product is artful and structure design is suitable for human body. The maximum safe voltage is 500V, and it can measure the voltage in the range of ±50V accurately. It initiates to add DVM and frequency counter function into USB oscilloscope which are just applied in high-end oscilloscope currently. The DVM is 3 bits. Counter is 5 bits. Its probe could be shared with oscilloscope when it works. The measurement of DVM and frequency counter is irrelevant to the trigger system. They are separated hardware. The engineer is allowable to operate DVM and trigger oscilloscope measurement through the same connection. It could exactly show the voltage that it is measuring in time. It makes the engineer easily finish the characteristics measurements.

The traditional USB oscilloscope separates the software and hardware. The software operation is based on PC and controlled by the mouse. It requires the engineer to operate both on PC and on the hardware. While this pen storage oscilloscope adopts the original knob structure, and achieves the operation of voltage vertical gear, time division, and adjusting the place of waveform up-down and front-back. It could meet the operation requirements of a normal benchtop oscilloscope through three buttons and a knob, deeply improve the operation experience of the user.

There is a LED light on the top. The user could control it through the combination of buttons based on their requirements. It provides better light condition and relieves the visual fatigue especially when the engineer measures chip pins in the dark environment.

It has the one-click save and print function, to print the measurement result in the form of measurement report on A4 paper or generate PDF documents. It could achieve the waveform record and following analysis, satisfy the engineer’s measurement requirements extremely.

The product supports all the series operation system of Windows, power supplied by USB port with lower power dissipation. And Hantek provides completely secondary development code for the enthusiasts to achieve their unique thought. 

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