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Grand Release! Hantek Releases the First 3G Portable Digital Spectrum Analyzer.

At the beginning of the New Year, Hantek releases the first 3G portable digital spectrum analyzer HSA2000 Series. Followed the development of wireless and RF microwave technology, the application of spectrum analyzer is widely day by day. As the top measurement equipment supplier, Hantek responds the requirements of the user and market actively, expands the spectrum analyzer products to precise, integrated, facilitative and upgraded. Meanwhile, the release of HSA2030A and HSA2030B has perfected the product line of Hantek.

HSA2000 Series spectrum analysis function can provide customers the perfect RBW, analysis bandwidth, sensitivity(-161dBm, and frequency range9KHz-3GHz.It is the best choice for the system development and signal analysis personnel to review, catch and analyze the transient signal. HSA2000 Series spectrum analyzer has the lowest DANL and SSB phase noise, and narrowest RBW. It greatly enhances the recognition ability to the spurious signal and noise signal. In order to help the user to catch more signal in shorter time, Hantek portable digital spectrum analyzer can achieve -75dB Spurious-Free Dynamic Range(SFDR) in the whole bandwidth, and support the user to complete deeper and wider measurement in larger range.

Based on meeting the harsh work environment of field measurement, HSA2000 Series spectrum analyzer adopts advanced built-in battery management system. The capacity of lithium battery is large to 7800mAh. Meanwhile, it is also fit for 6 pieces of 18650 battery pack which could last over 4 hours for outside field measurement work easily. The mechanical design is alsoexquisite, tight and firm.

Relay on the features of HSA2000 Series spectrum analyzer-light, economic and high-cost performance, it must become the engineers’ first choice in the testing field. The release of this series fully shows that Hantek always insists to achieve the enterprise development vision, positively creates new field, perfects product line and feedbacks the society with gratitude.

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