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Service Commitment

1. Qingdao Hantek Electronic Co., Ltd. promises  that the main device and accessory produced by us would not have any quality problem as the defect in materials and technology during the warranty period. If the product was proveddefective in the warranty period,Hantek would take responsibility to repair or change it for free.

2. About the product that could be repaired for free, Hantek promises that we would repair it well in five work days after receiving the device and afford the shipping charge for sending back. If any special shipping requirement, please contact the maintenance center of Hantek in advance.

3.   Hantek would not provide free maintenance in any of the following situation.

     1) The accident damage caused during the transportational process. Please the customer negotiates with the insurance company or carriage company.

       2) The product is damaged by the mistake installation or used in the work environment not fit for the regulation of products.

       3) The appearance damage of product is caused by human factors such as burn, extrusion deformation etc.

     4) The product has repaired by others not from Hantek maintenance center or even authorized by Hantek, including privately taking apart and repairing the device, transforming, changing accessory or tearing off the warranty seal.   

       5) The accident damage caused by using the power supply or power adapter that does not authorized by Hantek.

       6) The defect or damage causing by irresistible factors like earth quake, thunder stroke etc.

4.   About the faulty product out of the free maintenance scope including exceeding warranty period or extended warranty period, Hantek would confirm the repairing detail with customer first, and fix it well in five work days and send it back after receiving the payment of maintenance fee and work hour fee. If customer decide not to repair, Hantek maintenance center would send the faulty product back after receiving the official confirmation fax and the payment of work hour fee for overhauling the device. If there is any problem during the use procedure of product, please look up the user manual. If there is any uncertainty or difficulty, please contact the technical  support department or maintenance center of Hantek to avoid the unnecessary damage to product.

5.   If any direct or indirect damage caused by the inappropriate use of customer, Hantek might afford part of reasonable maintenance responsibility with maneuverability. Others would be not taken responsibility by Hantek.

The above warranty instruction is suitable for Hantek product saled by Qingdao Hantek Electronic Co., Ltd. and the distributor authorized by it. Any other warranty items should take the above warranty instruction as standard. Hantek reserves all the right for the final explanation about the maintenance affairs.

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