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Function/Arb. Waveform Generator
Model Channel Resolution Sample Rate Other

HDG2000B Series

16CH Digital+
2 CH Analog+
80M Frequency Counter
16 Bit250MSa/s64M Memory Depth;
16bit Vertical Resolution;
16CH Digital output;
80MHz Frenquecy Counter;
Plenty of interfaces: USB Host,
USB Device, LAN Optional


Pattern Generator
12Bit200MSa/s12 bits of vertical resolution
25MHz Arb. waveform output.
(Sine wave up to 75MHz)
Standard USBXITM interface,
easily inserts into USBXITM
One computer can be linked with


Pattern Generator
12Bit200MSa/s256K wave length, One
computer can be linked with
several, 12 bits vertical resolution,
USB interface plug and play ,


Frequency Counter
14Bit200MSa/s4K Record Length
14bits D/A resolution
USB interface plug and play
easy to Automatic calibration
One computer can be linked
with several

HDG1000A Series (Discontinued)

2CH (AFG)8/10Bit100M/180MSa/s3.5-inch TFT display
English/Chinese menu
RS232 & USB interface
FM、AM、FSK、ASK、 PSK Modulation

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